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Solo Like Sonny Rollins on I'm An Old Cowhand (Concert, Bb, and Eb)

Solo Like Sonny Rollins on I'm An Old Cowhand (Concert, Bb, and Eb)

I've been working on jazz language during quarantine and I just really really love Sonny's solo on I'm An Old Cowhand. So, I sat down and started figuring it. At first it was just full of all the normal things I expected in a bebop solo but then as I really became one with the solo I started to realize Sonny was doing something way deeper than everyone else. I mean, it makes sense. He's Sonny Rollins for a reason!


Sonny was messing around with Enclosures. But he wasn't just playing common scale patterns like forths over chords. He was using these enclosures as little melodic cadences within his lines. Once I started hearing this, I started really hearing the solo and the language!


From there I started picking apart Sonny's lines and seeing all the different ways he approached enclosures and the notes he was harmonizing. I started to write them down and began the process of creating this packet. Inside are many of the important linear harmonic enclosures that I think Sonny used to perfection! There are also other linear devices included as well. His use of the diminished scale, bebop language, triadic approaches, and more! Included are practice methods for how to get these enclosures and other ideas into your playing. As well as written out examples to guide you in the practice process.

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