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Studio Album - Clean

Studio Album - Clean

4 Stars, Editor’s Pick, Best albums of 2017 -Ed Enright, Brian Zimmerman, Downbeat


Best Jazz Albums of 2017 -Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm, Bandcamp


4.5 stars and Best of 2017 -Dan Bilawksy, AllAboutJazz


Best of 2017 Burak Sulunbaz,


10 weeks, 140k streams on State of Jazz -Spotify certified playlist


Ed Enright - Editor’s Pick, Downbeat Magazine

Now, with the release of Clean—which brings together his jazz, classical and pop influences—I find myself fascinated with every aspect of this ascending bandleader’s musicianship. Indeed, Clean is an inspired work of art with an organic flow that belies its heady origins.


Brian Zimmerman - 4 Stars, Downbeat Magazine
It’s the work of a composer who has brilliant things to say and a captivating way of saying them.


Dan Bilawksy - AllAboutJazz

It's a giant leap forward in terms of artistry and concept...There's no shortage of ambition in all of this, but ambition doesn't go anywhere on its own. Humanity carries ambition forward, and Paul Jones brings an extraordinary human quality to bear in this most enterprising work.


Sound, Silence, of New Pathways to Listening - Richard Kamins - StepTempest

As artists take control of their music (or are given free rein by labels), listeners are being blessed by a panoply of engaging projects. "Clean" is one of those albums that grows stronger each time you dig into it. You notice interactions, the fine melodies, the smart arrangements both for the sextet and for the wind octet, and solos that have arrives and are not just technical displays.


Peter Hum - Ottawa Citizen
There’s an awful lot of music packed onto Clean — perhaps more than I can take in during a single focused listen, given its striking scope and depth of material. That said, I’ll keep going back to Clean to listen more manageably to its considerable stimulations and pleasures.


Filipe Freitas -

Combining the thrillingly emotional with the astonishingly lyric, this impressive body of work feels like a balmy elixir in today’s jazz. Paul Jones is not just the revelation, but also the revolutionary musician of the year.


Alex LoRe - alto sax, Matt Davis - guitar, Glenn Zaleski - piano, Johannes Felscher - bass, Jimmy Macbride - drums


SNAP Saxophone Quartet - Nicholas Biello - soprano sax, Andrew Gould - alto sax, Sam Dillon - tenor sax, Jay Rattman - bari sax


The Righteous Girls - Gina Izzo - flute, Erika Dohi - piano


Mark Dover - Clarinet

Ellen Hindson - Oboe

Nanci Belmont - Bassoon

Susan Mandel - cello


Recorded by Dave Stoller at the Samurai Hotel. Queens, NY.

Mixed by Pete Rende.

Mastered by Nate Wood.

Photography by Deneka Peniston

Graphic design by Adrian Padarth

Released on Outside In Music.


Paul Jones on tenor saxophone, composition, and producer.

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