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Hello Hello! Welcome to the education section of my website. Here you'll find pdf's and books I've created. Some are based on experiences with students at summer camp or schools across New York State. Other's are based on information that I think is important and fun. I do offer private lessons via Zoom at this time. Please contact me if interested and scroll down for more. (Some of it's FREE....)

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Solo Like Sonny Rollins on I'm and Old Cowhand (Free Version. Full PDF below). This is a free pdf I created based on the building blocks of Sonny's solo. Here he really focus's on the use of Enclosures but I think he does a lot more than that. Download your copy and find out...

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Saxophone Survival Guide

(Interactive Digital E-Book) - The Saxophone Survival Guide is an upgrade to the classic music method book. It harnesses the tools of the day by incorporating interactive custom video content in every section. The method book has gone digital!

Welcome to the Saxophone Survival Guide! Yaaaaayyy! What is the Survival Guide all about? One summer while teaching saxophone at Camp Encore/Coda in Maine, I realized the students there needed a roadmap to focus their saxophone studies for the coming year. The goal for the Guide is to organize the thought processes, techniques, and general topics that beginning saxophonists need to have in order to advance.

As a student, I had great difficulty practicing what my teachers suggested because it was all so abstract. Hopefully, the Saxophone Survival Guide can clear up some of the questions you may have and inspire you to practice. So, here it is! For You!

(Interactive Digital E-Book) Saxophone exercises that will make you a well rounded saxophonist.

Topics discussed include practice tips, how to develop your sound, articulation, low and high range, sight reading, listening, enjoying music!

A must have method book for any student of the saxophone regardless of the level.

What do you get in this book?

  • Method to develop your sound

  • Flexibility training methods

  • Lifetime of knowledge to develop your ability on the saxophone

  • Major scale and arpeggio exercises designed specifically with saxophone in mind

  • Low range builder

  • High range builder

  • Mouthpiece studies 

  • Practice tips

  • Listening Guide

  • Reed alignment

  • What's a Good saxophone?

  • Easy Access to videos that support the content in the book

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